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Yes, we will keep track of all completed shifts.  Please contact our office in January to request an official letter of your completed volunteer hours..

1. Check your email confirmation or 

2. Log onto our site.  Once logged in, you will see "My Bookings" under the category "My Profile" on the menu. There, you can find all of your scheduled kettle shifts.

The Kettle system supports real time availability.  

  • A green check mark indicates the shift is still available for booking.  
  • A red circle indicates that shift is taken.  

Yes.  Click on the Kettle drop down list to see only that kettle location.  


Name Address Closest Major Intersection Area

1. Metro

1050 Kennedy Circle Milton ON

Thompson Road South and Louis St. Laurent

South East

2. Real Canadian Superstore

820 Main St E, Milton, ON  Thompson Road South and Main Street East Central

3. Walmart

1280 Steeles Ave East, Milton, ON Steeles Ave East and James Snow North

4. LCBO Bronte

14 Main Street East, Milton, ON Bronte Street South and Main Street East West

5. LCBO Louis St-Laurent

1025 Bronte Street South, Milton, ON Bronte Street South and Louis St. Laurent South West

6. LCBO Thompson

830 Main Street East, Milton, ON Thompson Road South and Main Street East Central

Yes, after you log in you can reserve a single kettle shift at a time.  It will be held for you temporarily (10 minutes) to allow you to make multiple bookings.  Continue to add shifts to your Cart.  When you are finished click View Cart and Submit Order. You will receive a single confirmation with all of your confirmed kettle shifts.  

Yes. All financial donations made at Milton kettles will be used to help people in Milton.

Financial donations over $20 are eligible for a charitable receipt. If you would like a receipt mailed to you please complete a receipt request form and place it in the kettle.

If a donor requests a charitable receipt, please ask them to complete the following form (found in the kettle bucket). Once completed they should fold and drop the form into the bubble. We will issue a receipt to the address provided.

Financial donations are used in one of two ways, depending on the needs of the community and the needs of the food bank. Funds are used to purchase food and hygiene items for distribution in the food bank when stock is low. Funds are used to meet overhead costs, such as property, staffing, & program costs.

No. The Salvation Army Khi Community is a multi-faceted, holistic ministry that aims to support our neighbours in matters of the body and soul. Our Family Services programs include a large food bank, an electricity support program, an income tax clinic, parenting support programs, women’s exercise classes, financial literacy classes and more.

No. We are not able to accept used items at our location. When our neighbours need clothing we write a voucher for use at the local Salvation Army Thrift store, allowing that neighbour to shop for the clothes they need at no personal cost.

Please consider donating your gently used clothing to the thrift store (420 Main St E, Milton) so that we can continue this much needed voucher program.

To register an account, please go to the REGISTER webpage.

You will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Name:  Please enter your first and last name
  • Username: Choose a username.  You will be asked for this when logging into the site.
  • Password: Select a password
  • Email address:  We will use this to send you a confirmation of your kettle bookings.
  • Email newsletters:  By default we've added you to our email list where we will periodically send you updates on our kettle campaign.  You can always opt out of these emails if you prefer.  If you would like to opt out immediately you can uncheck this box during registration.
  • Phone number - this will allow us to contact you if there are any changes to your scheduled shifts
  • Address (optional) - allows us to send follow-up communication via mail.
  • Do you need confirmation of volunteer hours for your school?

Once you confirm your registration, you will be able to log-in to the website and book your shifts.

Follow these steps to first retrieve your username, then reset your password.  



1. Click "Forgot my username"

2. Enter your email address

3. The system will email you a verification link with your username.  



1. Click "Forgot my password"

2. Enter your email address.

3. The system will email you a verification link to reset your password.  Click on the link which will auto populate the verification code.  Enter the username you receive in the step above. 

4. Reset your password.  Enter it twice to verify. 


You can now log into the system with your username and password.  

1. Click "Forgot my password"

2. Enter your email address.

3. The system will email you a verification link to reset your password.  Click on the link which will auto populate the verification code.  Enter your username

4. Reset your password.  Enter it twice to verify. 

You can now log into the system with your username and password.  

1. Log in.

2. Go to the menu Help/Edit User Profile.

3. Update your information and click Submit

  • Password
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Phone number

You can cancel kettle bookings online up until 24 hours prior to the start of the shift.

You can cancel your shift through one of the following ways:

1. Your email confirmation will contain a cancellation link.  Click it and you will be forwarded to the site to cancel your shift.

2. Log into the site.  You can see all of your shifts using the My Booking menu.  

3. If necessary, contact our Kettle coordinator of the office to cancel your scheduled appointment

Same day cancellations are not permitted on our website.  If you require a last-minute cancellation, please contact the kettle coordinator to ensure they are aware of your need to cancel your shift.

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Please remember you are representing the Salvation Army as you stand at the Kettle and your conduct is critical to our success. Your manner and attitude can make a difference! 

Smile! Be warm, courteous and approachable. Have a joyful attitude. Make eye contact and be attentive. Try to make a connection with as many individuals as possible.

If you have candy canes, offer them to people and say "Merry Christmas".

Express your appreciation each time you receive a donation. Be grateful and say "Thank you" or "God Bless".

Please do NOT leave the kettle unattended at any time

 Dress appropriately and look your best. Suggested attire is black dress pants and a white shirt (a red Salvation Army vest will be provided).

Please no eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum at the kettle stand.

Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your shift. Please introduce yourself to the person you are relieving.


Another volunteer will be around to take over for you.  If for some reason they do not attend on time, please do not leave the kettle unattended.  Contact the kettle coordinator who will come by to meet you.  If your shift is at the end of the day, a representative from The Salvation Army will come by to collect the kettle.