Your attendance at the kettle shift you’ve booked is important. We are counting on you to do your shift so that we can raise the funds we need to continue The Salvation Army’s work in Milton.

Please arrive at your shift on time, ready to work, and plan to stay for the full shift.

If the next person has not arrived when your shift has finished, please DO NOT leave the site unattended. Call us immediately (365-355-5712) to make us aware of the situation.

If for any reason you cannot attend your shift, please cancel on or call us with as much notice as possible.


Please do what you can to come to work with a positive attitude.

Make eye contact, say hello and smile to people passing by.

Assume most people want to do what they can to help their community.

Always say “thank you” for every donation, no matter how small.


Please give your full attention to the kettle and the people walking by.

Whenever possible please keep phones and other devices out of sight so you can greet people with eye contact and a smile.


Please remember that you are representing The Salvation Army for the duration of your shift. With this in mind, please dress in a way that shows respect to yourself and to the people you will encounter during your work. T-shirts and hats that use rude or hateful words or images are inappropriate and are not acceptable while volunteering with The Salvation Army.

When you arrive at your shift please put on the Salvation Army lanyard and volunteer button to identify yourself as our representative for the duration of your shift.